1: About Jenkins & Introduction

Introduction to Continuous Integration
What is Jenkins | Jenkins Introduction
Install Jenkins on Linux/Unix/Cloud Machine
Download and Configure Jenkins on Windows
Java 9 & 10 Warning for Jenkins

2: Jenkins Getting Started | Get Jenkins Ready

Architectural Overview of Jenkins
Create Jenkins First Job

3: Continuous Integration with Jenkins

Jenkins Integration with GIT & GITHUB
Install Maven on Jenkin’s Host Machine
Configure Jenkins with GIT & Maven
Create our First Maven-based Jenkins Job
Source Code Polling in Jenkins
Remote Build Trigger in Jenkins

4: Continuous Delivery with Jenkins

Archive Jenkins Job Artifacts
Install & Configure Tomcat in Staging Environment
Deploy Staging Environment
Build Pipeline Plugin
Deploy to Production

5: Jenkins Job DSL

Introduction to JENKINS Job DSL
Demo: Jenkins Job DSL with Maven Project

6: Jenkins as a Code Pipeline (DSL)

Jenkins Code Pipeline Overview
Demo: Code Pipeline
Automate Existing Maven Project Pipeline

7: Distributed Builds in Jenkins

Distributed Builds Concept
Create and Configure Jenkins Slave
Label Nodes & Concurrent Builds

8: Jenkins Integration with Docker

Install Docker on Linux Machine
Docker Basics & Run Container
Docker File Basics | Introduction
Docker File Instructions | Construction Commands
Create Docker File of Our Project
Build and Tag Project Docker Image
Execute Project in Docker

9: Parameterise Jenkins Jobs

Add Parameters In Jenkins Job
Add Choice Parameters
Add Logic with Boolean Parameter

10: Jenkins Security Aspects

Enable/Disable Login Jenkins
Allow User to Sign-Up Jenkins
Install Powerful Security Plugin
How to Create Users in Jenkins
Create & Assign Roles to Users

11: AWS Delivery Code Pipeline : Introduction

Jenkins AWS Code Pipeline Introduction
Software Build and Release Process
SetUp AWS Cloud Account
Create AWS KeyPairs For Cloud Instances

12: Introduction to AWS Code Deploy & Code Pipeline

Introduction: AWS Code Deploy
Introduction: AWS Code Pipeline

13: AWS CodeDeploy and AWS CodePipeline

AWS Code Pipeline
How AWS Code Pipeline Works
AWS CodeDeploy & It’s Function
Deployment with AWS CodeDeploy
Continuous Delivery Workflow

14: Get Start with Project

SetUp Demo Project
Database & CI Flow
SetUp DataBase in AWS RDS
Manage AWS RDS Security Group
Restore Database Dump on AWS RDS
SetUp Node JS Application
SetUp Node JS Application 2
Demo Application GitHub Code Location

15: AWS CI CD Pipeline

Create AWS Instance Service
what is the difference between a role and an instance profile
Install Jenkins on AWS Cloud
Install AWS Code Deploy Agent on EC2
Create AWS Code Deploy Application
Create & Review App Specification File
SetUp Jenkins Job for AWS Code Pipeline
SetUp AWS CI-CD Pipeline